Is twitter useful from an edupunk approach?

The first time I heard the term “edupunk”, edupunkI though I had heard it wrong… however, after thinking about it twice I couldn’t avoid smiling: the philosophy of “do it by yourself ” applied to education! Of course there’s nothing new about the term, there are many teachers who “survive” and manage to motivate their students thanks to experimentation… and what about those who learn by their own? Should they be called edupunks now?

“Edupunk, it seems, takes old-school Progressive educational tactics–hands-on learning that starts with the learner’s interests–and makes them relevant to today’s digital age, sometimes by forgoing digital technologies entirely.”

Stephen Downes

According to Downes words, the use of social networks, blogs and microblogging tools such as twitter, could be part of this punk approach of education as far as they follow students interests… Anyway, I guess the specific name of the tool has no importance, personally I’m starting to feel tired talking about myspace, facebook, twitter, orkut and so on… would any of them exist 5 years later? However, I’m quite sure that the attitude of adapting existing resources for solving personal needs will still exist.

Why there’s so much expectation with twitter in education, then? (or at least, that’s what I feel). Is it just a fashion or it is really adding something that didn’t exist before? To be honest, I should say that I find difficulties in answering this question because I still haven’t understonf what’s exactly the purpose of twitter… anyway, possibly that’s what make it so appealing from an edupunk point of view… as there isn’t an official way of using it, each one can use it according to their needs. At this point, I can’t avoid endind the post with a sentence I heard recently:

“Twitter has so few utility that it can be used for everything”

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