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My name is Eva Durall and I’m interested in image, web-based communication, interaction, learning and innovation through ICT.

My background is in the audiovisual field, specializing in multimedia and education. A MA in ePedagogy – Visual Knowledge Building let me deepen in aspects dealing with learning, ICT and visual communication. At the same time, I have been working for the public and private organizations in the development of audiovisual and multimedia projects for learning, as well as in higher education institutions, teaching courses and collaborating on research projects.
I’ve participated in several projects dealing with the use of ICT in higher and Primary Education. I’ve also taken part in some innovation projects dealing with the design of collaborative tools and the coordination of the iberoamerican Horizon report. Currently, I’m phd candidate at the Learning Environments research group at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Aalto University)
My main interests focus in several fields: research and design of learning environments.
My background
my interests

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Visual CV - Eva Durall

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