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What do I think about blogs?

May be I should had written about this time ago…blog
but according to a spanish said “better late than never”, so here it goes my answer to the question “What’s a blog?”

Currently, my ideas about blogs are quite different that first impressions I got the first time I asked “but…what’s a blog?”

Obviously, reconstructing now what I thought at that moment is going to be quite difficult if not impossible. Anyway, in brief I would say that my understanding of blogs at that initial stage was “it’s something similar to a website, but easier to manage and free.” May be it was very simplistic, but for me, that was enough to loose fears associated to online publication and start believing that publishing on the www could easy and fast.

Actually, my ideas about blogs have changed, but I still keep in mind that reasons that encouraged me starting my first blog. Now, if I had to syntetize main aspects of blogs, I would point out to publication, networks and interactivity. By publication I’m referring to the fact that thanks to blogs many people with no skills in web development have been able to have their own online space  and public content regularly. Achieving some visibility has allow the appearance of networks of people with similar interests. Finally, thanks to interaction (although this is something that can be controled by the blog administrator) links with other users can be strengthen at the same time that it can be a first step towards online collaboration and cooperation.

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